Corporeal Decorum 

Corporeal Decorum is a dance performance that tells the story of Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture and historical design as both a loving tribute and a call to the audience to engage with one of the city’s most historically rich and visually stunning architectural features. The project focuses on dance to establish interaction and translation of the design components found within Miami Beach’s built environment. The objective of the performance is to demonstrate ways in which the past can be brought into present day creative practices by translating historical architectural design into present day movement and scenography.


Corporeal Decorum uses a multimedia approach to reimagine the relationship between cultural preservation and creative expression rooted in the place of greater Miami. Drawing inspiration from earlier examples of architectural preservation in Miami Beach, the choreography reinterprets our urban and material past into a contemporary embodied form. Art Deco aesthetics are synonymous with the visual experience of Miami Beach, and this work seeks to further examine and celebrate the visual and spatial language of Art Deco and its relationship to the city. The intention of choosing a dance performance and body movement gives life and character to these static and inanimate buildings that are imbued with their own curious soul by its occupants and passerbys. 

Upcoming  VirtualPerformance:

Here&Now Festival 2020

Nov. 6th